The styleVISION system is a program of office partitions with a minimalist air. During the design phase, emphasis was placed on reducing the thickness of the profile fronts to no more than 2 cm and emphasizing the removability and reusability of the system with height differences of more than 60 mm. These requirements were a challenge of technology and design because it also supports all configurations that can be demanded both transparent elements with 6mm. to 12mm. glass, double glazing with thicknesses from 6mm. to 12mm. as well as opaque melamine elements, high density laminates, fabrics, vinyls, natural wood… in continuous solutions (bone joints) and framed (joints with profiles), which facilitates its configuration to any design we can imagine. styleVISION is a multipurpose program that allows dividing spaces in all types of buildings, whether offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports…

Characteristics of the system:
Thickness: 100mm.
Glazing: From 6mm. to 12mm.
Blind: from 10mm. to 12mm.
Glazing: Single and Double.
Frames: Continuous and framed.
Acoustics: Up to 49dB-ISO717.
Resistance: 350Kn/m2.
Hmax: 4000mm.
Economic modulation: 1200mm.
Clearance: +/-30mm.
Disassembly = 100%.
Reusable = 100%.

100mm office partitions: styleVISION

Office partition walls and ceilings

styleVISION has two ways of fixing to ceilings and floors; one with an adjustment profile that allows us to bridge greater height differences +/-30mm. and the other with direct anchoring. +/-Logically, the choice of the solution will depend on the dismantling and possible reuse of the dividing walls in the different areas of the space, as well as the desired visual style. The profiles are equipped with tesamol to guarantee contact with the surfaces.

Vertical joints between office partition modules

styleVISION has the possibility of joining glass to bone or framed tempered glass, laminated, acoustic… with 20mm profiles. This way you can get glass walls 100% free of profiles or build the same wall by making grids, cut the glass wall in strategic areas of the design, save walls that are against the wall perpendicularly.
All the finishes are received in aluminum with acoustic material.

Horizontal joints between office partition modules

styleVISION is able to replicate the vertical solution in the horizontal ones, being able to obtain grids with perfect proportions, thanks to the fixing system of the windows, these can be adjusted to the desired height and in the amount of crosspieces required, it is also possible to break the proportions to achieve effects of chaotic, inclined, curved… visualization.
All finishes are made of aluminum with acoustic material.

Double glazing systems in office partitions

styleVISION this is the trend of the new office concept reaching maximum acoustic and thermal levels by means of double glazing and the resulting chamber being able to play with different thicknesses (6mm, 8mm, 10mm. and 12mm.), types (annealed, laminated, tempered, acoustic…) and different glass finishes (transparent, tinted, painted…) to achieve the desired and required insulation and projection on the wall.

Blind and mixed office partition systems

styleVISION completes its enormous power of transformation with the ability to be blind with double panels of melamine, laminate, vinyl, fabric, varnished natural wood… being 100% compatible with the different configurations of 1 glass and 2 glasses and interchangeable between them. It is possible to intercalate between glasses, to make independent elevations… as we said in the presentation we invite you to play “Lego” and to challenge us with your imagination.

Single glazing systems in office partitions.

styleVISION supports single glass systems ranging from 10mm to 12mm thick, tempered glass, laminated glass, acoustic glass… with the possibility of presenting it both in the center of the system and on the side of the wall to achieve exterior and interior flatness. Thus, in the same project, different effects of continuity or scaling of the glass can be achieved on the dividing partitions.

Examples of elevations and document downloads