The styleGLASS system is an office glass partition system for the separation of single glass spaces. It accepts 8, 10 and 12mm. tempered, laminated, acoustic, etc. glass. The main feature of this system is the simplicity, speed and simplicity, but no less technical. In its version with V-shaped profiles, height differences of +/-20mm. and with U-shaped profiles +/-10mm. can be bridged. The glass partitions are continuous and are joined with double-sided self-adhesive tape or transparent polycarbonate H-joints. The door modules are resolved with aluminum frames of 50mm. with perimeter acoustic rubber that allows the hanging of both blind doors of 40mm. aluminum frame with 6mm/8mm glass and floor to ceiling glass sheets of 10 and 12mm. In addition, it is 100% compatible with the StyleDOOR system, benefiting from all the advantages it offers.

Characteristics of the system:
Thickness: From 21 to 42mm.
Glazing: From 10mm. to 12mm.
Glazing: Single.
Frames: Continuous.
Acoustics: Up to 39dB-ISO717
Resistance: 350Kn/m2.
Hmax: 4000mm.
Economic modulation: 1200mm.
Clearance: +/-30mm.
Disassembly = 100%.
Reusable = 100%.

Office glass partitions 21-42mm: styleGLASS

Glass mapping on floors and ceilings.

styleGLASS can be anchored to floors and ceilings in two ways: one with a “V” profile that allows us to bridge greater height differences +/-20mm. and the other with a “U” profile +/-8mm., logically the choice will depend on the dismantling and reuse in different areas of the space as well as its visual impact. The profiles are equipped with tesamol to guarantee the contact with the surfaces.

Horizontal joints of glass partitions.

styleGLASS is a monocrystalline glass partition that joins glass to glass at its vertical joints by means of double-sided transparent self-adhesive tape. This is our recommended solution although we can also use polycarbonate “H” joints, concave-convex glass joints “))”, silicone joints, etc. It is also possible to make joints with profiles but for this type of solution we recommend the styleSPACE office partition.

System of glass doors integrated in glass partitions.

styleGLASS has its own 50mm door frame system, using the styleSMART 100mm dividing screen frame or the styleDOOR door system equipped with phonic door leaf and side glass housing where 10 and 12mm single glass door leaves can be hung, and aluminum frame doors with window. We can also use 100mm. thick frames to emphasize the access to the offices.

Blind door system integrated in glass partitions.

styleGLASS Blind door leaves can be manufactured in melamine, laminate, natural wood, fabric, lacquered, etc. Their structure can be made of wood or aluminum frame, equipped with locks with European cylinder and 3 keys, hinges depending on the height and door stop, as in the glass doors, they can optionally have guillotines on the floor to ensure the acoustics of the module.

Examples of elevations and document downloads