The styleSMART system is an exclusively double 100 mm thick program with the peculiarity that the glass and panels are structural. The glass and the panels are not drowned in any profile and the four sides are visible. All the elements can be flush with each other on both the inside and the outside, thus achieving total flatness in the partition walls. The double glazing system allows 10 and 12 mm glass panes, and 13, 16 and 19 mm panes in blind elements. Due to the absence of rubber bands for fastening the elements, there is no clearance and both the panels and the glass eliminate the typical buckling of these systems, giving the consistency of a wall. The door modules are solved by means of an aluminum frame with acoustic rubber and door leaves that can be either 40mm. or 100mm. thick, it is also 100% compatible with the StyleDOOR system, benefiting from all the advantages it offers.

Characteristics of the system:
Thickness: 100mm.
Glazing: From 10mm. to 12mm.
Blind: from 13mm. to 19mm.
Glazing: Structural double glazing.
Frames: Continuous and framed.
Acoustics: Up to 40dB-ISO717.
Resistance: 400Kn/m2.
Hmax: 4000mm.
Economic modulation: 1200mm.
Clearance: +/-30mm.
Disassembly = 100%.
Reusable = 100%.

100mm office partition walls: styleSMART

Encounters of office partitions with floors and ceilings.

styleSMART is fixed to ceilings and floors by means of an aluminum profile and a steel adjustment profile that allows for height differences of +/-30mm, which makes it possible to dismantle and relocate it in spaces with unevenness of up to 60mm. styleSMART is equipped with tesamol to guarantee contact with the surfaces. The profiles are equipped with tesamol to guarantee contact with the surfaces. styleSMART is a system that will allow you to take it with you when you decide to move your offices.

Vertical joints between partition wall modules.

styleSMART joins the glazing and the panels together leaving a 0mm. joint between finishes. This ingenious solution consists of a hanging system and vertical clipping uprights. This way you get glass or wood walls 100% free of profiles, turning the wall into a continuous skin. With this solution, dust and bacteria have nowhere to settle, making it ideal for clean rooms.

Horizontal joints between partition wall modules.

styleSMART is able to replicate the vertical solution in the horizontal ones, being able to obtain perfectly proportioned grids, thanks to the fixing system of the windows, these can be placed at the desired height and in the quantity required, it is also possible to break the proportions to achieve chaotic visualization effects such as inclined, curved planes, etc.

Double glass partition system.

styleSMART achieves maximum acoustic and thermal levels through double glazing and can play with different thicknesses (10mm. and 12mm.), types (annealed, laminated, tempered, acoustic…) and glass finishes to achieve the desired insulation and appearance.

Blind and mixed system in partition walls.

styleSMART completes its range of finishes with the ability to be blind with double melamine panel, laminate, vinyl, fabric, natural wood, etc. being 100% compatible with the different glass configurations and interchangeable between them.

Glass door system integrated in partitions.

styleSMART has its own door module consisting of a 100mm. x 35mm. frame equipped with an isophonic bezel where tempered glass door leaves can be hung, doors with aluminum frame and tempered glass, door with aluminum frame for double glazing.

Blind door system integrated in partitions.

styleSMART can exchange the glass door panels for blind panels in finishes to match the dividing screens. The door leaves can be 42mm thick or 100mm thick and the same width as the dividing screens.

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