style MOVE

styleMOVE movable partitions are folding partitions with the ability to be stored in any space. The movable walls are moved by means of rails embedded in the ceiling (free of floor elements) and bearings that, due to their design, allow them to change direction and move the panels to where they are required to be stored. All modules are equipped with an interior mechanism that seals by means of pressure to the floor and ceiling and tongue and groove shapes in the verticals to guarantee maximum acoustics once the movable partitions are closed. Due to their acoustic DNA, these systems are always double, being able to incorporate double melamine panel, stratified, vinyl, natural wood and double glass of 6 and 8mm. styleMOVE is a program of division of spaces that need to be divided in different configurations over time and that by their characteristics make them especially recommended for use in boardrooms, convention rooms, event halls, classrooms, auditoriums…

Characteristics of the system:
Thickness: 100mm.
Rail systems: Monodirectional and Multidirectional.
Boards: From 12mm.
Glazing: From 6mm. to 12mm.
Glazing: Single and Double.
Frames: Perimetral.
Acoustics: Up to 53dB-ISO717
Resistance: 350Kn/m2.
Hmax: 12000mm.
Economic modulation: 1200mm.
Clearance: +/-15mm.
Disassembly = 100%.
Reusable = 100%.

100mm movable partition walls: styleMOVE Movable partition wall

Movable partition guide systems

styleMOVE can be single-directional (the modules move only along the axis of the enclosure and have one bearing) or multi-directional (the modules can be moved to a storage area outside the axis of the enclosure and have double bearings). The bearings of both systems are covered with polyamine to reduce the friction on the guides and to reduce the noise of the moving partitions in their displacement.

Vertical joints of movable partitions

styleMOVE is composed of a steel-reinforced aluminum frame depending on the height of the wall whose vertical joints are male-female equipped with acoustic profiles that seal the modules to prevent the passage of sound and ensure their alignment. The modules of the one-way movable partitions are paired by hinges to maintain their stability, while the multidirectional modules are individual.

Hidden mechanisms of movable partitions

styleMOVE is equipped with both upper and lower mechanisms that, once installed, raise and lower both against the guide and on the floor to seal the walls. These elements are equipped with a solid neoprene male and female edge that prevents the passage of air and therefore of sound. The whole length of the profile of the mechanism is equipped with acoustic rubbers inserted in a sliding system, which makes it impossible for the mechanism to come out or detach, thus extending the guarantee of the acoustics of the movable wall and protecting its floors.

Opaque or glass modules in movable partitions

styleMOVE soporta todo tipo de revestimientos en sus alzados ciegos: melaminas, estratificados, maderas naturales barnizados, pizarras de cristal, tela, tekne etc.. Las mamparas móviles también tiene la opción de ser transparente con el equipamiento de doble cristal templado transparente de 6mm, 8mm. o 10mm. sin por ello renunciar a la acústica. Tmabién se pueden realizar alzados mixtos o con diferentes acabados sobre el mismo módulo.

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