We manufacture and install office partitions and movable partition walls.

Ergonomic design of spaces

Complete design of detachable maparas

Stylewall has focused on creating and designing complete programs of demountable partitions, office partitions, partition walls and mobile acoustic partitions, which can be implemented in corporate, hospitals, schools, airports, hotels and all types of surfaces that require acoustic and thermal separation.

We use transparent materials such as glass, crystal and methacrylate, as well as blind materials such as melamine, stratified, varnished natural woods, fabrics and tekne, filled with rock wool.

In addition, we offer integrated door solutions to meet all the acoustic needs of office partitions, always with an aesthetic, acoustic, functional and economical approach.

The countless possibilities of finishes and modulations make our office partitions adaptable to any project.

We invite you to experiment as if you were playing with “LEGO” with our office partitions and movable walls, challenging our experience with your imagination.

Solutions for every need

styleVISION is a program of office partitions with the highest acoustic performance on the market.

styleSPACE is an office partitioning program.

styleSMART is a system of partition walls that, thanks to the fixation that gives it its peculiar structural appearance, turns it into a wall.

styleGLASS is a set of continuous single glazed glass office partitions and undoubtedly our system with the best quality/price ratio.

styleDOOR is a program of hinged doors and sliding doors that guarantee the insulation of the configured partition system.

styleMOVE has its own single and double door modules without reduction of the acoustic level of the movable panel.

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